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Responsible Brands Initiative (RBI) is a non-profit consortium of like-minded companies that support measuring corporate social responsibility and sustainability performance with objective and balanced metrics. Members are working together to define responsible sourcing and how to measure it.

The end result will be a growing marketplace of consumers who can more easily identify responsible companies, and increased sales of products and services from those companies.

RBI Rubric and Index
Objective data aggregated from many sources, coupled with a weighted scoring system, will make it routine to express which companies achieve a high standard and trusted measure of performance for corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

The RBI Rubric is a framework of criteria used to score companies. Scoring against individual weighted criteria yields an overall corporate performance figure, the RBI Index.

RBI Logo
Companies achieving the Member-approved level of performance on the RBI Index earn the opportunity to license the RBI Logo for use in their marketing, as evidence of their achievement.

Identify Responsible Companies in Real Time
In addition to the RBI corporation and Members marketing compliance using the Logo, RBI plans to also create an app for mobile devices in order to make easier for consumers to identify responsible companies in real-time.

Stakeholder Groups
These groups are the primary focus of RBI data gathering:
          Employees              Customers              Suppliers/Supply Chains
          Communities          Shareholders          Environment

Data utilized in RBI Index scoring:

  • Public data from trusted, verifiable sources

  • Company-provide data that can be verified

This data is NOT utilized:
     Customer opinion surveys
     Customer satisfaction surveys — opinion
     Trusted brands — opinion
     Showcase projects to demonstrate ROI on CSR investment — self-promoting
Opinion surveys are excluded because results can be heavily influenced by advertising and marketing. While customer opinions may be useful to know what consumers are buying or thinking, they do not form credible basis to determine if a company is responsible.

Responsible Brands Initiative™, RBI™, RBI Rubric™, RBI Index™ and RBI Logo™ are all trademarks of Responsible Brands Initiative corporation.

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