All around us are examples of companies working together in order to produce products in high demand,and which meet specific requirements.  For example, consider the many products carrying USB, Bluetooth or WiFi logos.

Industry associations behind those logos have refined processes that must be followed in order for products to carry the distinctive logos which motivate consumers.

Compliance requirements underlying use of logos by manufacturers can enable consumers to trust marketing claims without having to understand the technical details.


The Responsible Brands Initiative intends to foster collaboration among manufacturers on compliance requirements which define a Responsible Brand™ product.

Together we will develop a branding program that features a recognizable logo and consumer education which both informs and motivates consumers to improve the world through their purchase decisions.

Consumers want to make the “right” choice and we can help them avoid the complex world of supply-chains and conflict minerals.

According to a recent survey and report by Cone Communications, consumers in America will favor by almost 9:1 products from companies who operate in a manner aligned with that consumers beliefs.   And, Forbes reports that as millennials age, they will exert increasing pressure through their purchasing choices in favor of brands that are considered responsible.

We intend to simplify the identification of products which are manufactured responsibly.